Robinson Huron Treaty 1850


Main Purpose:  To undertake and pursue litigation and/or negotiations related to the Annuities Claim on behalf of the Settlors of the Trust and/or their members who receive or are entitled to receive annuities under the Robinson Huron Treaty of 1850, as well as others who receive or are entitled to receive annuities under the said Treaty;


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Timeline of Events

SEPT 9, 2014

DEC 21, 2018

OCT 15, 2019

JUNE 26, 2020

JULY, 1764

Council at Niagara, 1700 Indigenous inhabitants gathered, a diplomatic exercise  where the British sought to renew and strengthen the Covenant Chain.


Formation of the RHT Litigation Fund


SEPT 9, 1850

OCT 7, 1763

FEB 10, 1763

SEPT 25, 2017

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The Robinson Huron Times

Robinson Huron Waawiindamaagewin Releases First Ever Magazine

The very first historic issue of a Treaty magazine.

Learn about the treaty, our people, and all the good work being done on our behalf.


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